6 Crazy Ways To Get A Bigger Butt

Baby don't got back? No worries. Technology has made it possible for flat bootied ladies to get a Jennifer Lopez-style derriere in no time at all. Here are 6 crazy ways to get a bigger butt — without doing a single squat:

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#1: Booty Sculpting Jeans

Getting a bigger butt can be as easy as getting dressed in the morning. These butt lift pants, designed and sold by Feel Foxy, promise to sculpt your bum into its sexiest shape possible. Feel Foxy claims that the stretch fabric "trims and hugs" your legs, while the Brazilian and Colombian style "butt lifters" keep your cheeks perky. 

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#2: Booty Lifter Panties

Work what your mama gave you! These Booty Lifter Boyshorts, also sold by Feel Foxy, provide a lifting effect that enhances your natural assets. These panties also provide some front tummy control — giving you an instant confidence boost.

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#3: Padded Panties

Add some bounce to your booty with the help of some padded panties. These boyshort undies, sold by Leonisa, feature removable pads that can literally add some plump to the shape of your butt, and add a bit of definition to your curves.

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#4: The Brazilian Buttlift

Want to lose weight in your midsection, but gain weight in you booty? Doctors can make it happens. In a procedure called the Brazilian buttlift, doctors use liposuction to extract fat from your body. Then, they reinject the fat back into your buttocks. Doctors promise a "lifted and perky" new booty. 


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#5: Silicone Butt Implants.

Those serious about getting a bigger butt may want to try butt augmentation — or butt implants. The procedure, which costs several thousands of dollars, comes with a serious set of risks. Many patients have been forced to have their implants removed within the first several months or years, often because of complications from the silicone. Silicon can harden over time, causing extreme discomfort for the patient. 

In 2012, a YouTube user named Renee Talley (pictured) posted a graphic video which showed what can happen when silicone implants go bad. 


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#6: The Booty Vacuum. 

Sculpting Goddess, a clinic in Miami, offers an unusual procedure which claims to enhance the booty. The Buttocks Enhancement uses a vacuum machine to mobilize the fat cells into the desired area. The clinic claims that the suction cup vacuum gradually lifts and plumps the buttocks over the course of four to six appointments. A 45-minute appointment will cost you $60 — much less than it would cost to take a trip to the plastic surgeon.