Evelyn Lozada's iPod: 10 Songs She Listens to During Her Workouts! (EXCLUSIVE)

In case you haven't heard, our Latina Fitness blogger Evelyn Lozada is a badass!

She's fierce. She's unstoppable. And when she's at the gym working out (which these days, is ALL of the time!), Evelyn is constantly pushing herself (and her limits) and as a result, she's never felt (or looked) better!

But as much as Evelyn cares about her health (and personal fitness), a big part of Ev's mission as Latina's celebrity fitness guru, is to inspire (and empower) other Latina women to take control of their lives by taking care of their bodies.

And one way to motivate her fellow Latinas, Ev says, is to teach them that working out can be fun! "I grew up in a VERY Puerto Rican household," Evelyn tells Latina.com. "When I work out, I listen to a variety of music. To me, it’s important to have music playing while working out because it totally motivates me!"

Here, the Basketball Wives star shares the 10 songs that are on her IPod right now and explains why they motivate her at the gym. And Ev wants to know: Which songs motivate you while working out?

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Rihanna "Fresh Out The Runway" – Everyone knows that I love me some Rihanna! Her music motivates me to workout harder!

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Hector Lavoe "La Murga" – My mom would be so proud! I grew up listening to him when I was a little girl. This song reminds me of the days when mom was in the kitchen cooking Arroz con pollo and Chuleta and pasteles for the family. Too bad I don’t eat meat anymore. :(

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Beyonce "Countdown" – Okay, who doesn’t love B?!?! Her body is banging and she inspires me as well as her music!

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Marc Anthony "Celos" – Hands down, I’m in love with this man! I went to one of his concerts and was blown away! He has exceptional swagger! LOL

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Jennifer Lopez "Let's Get Loud" – OMG! J-Lo is my best friend in my head! We are both from the Bronx, she is a smart entrepreneur, has a banging body and her music makes me feel like I can do anything!

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Celia Cruz "La Negra Tiene Tumbao" - This song has such a modern beat and I reminisce on so many good times when I hear Celia Cruz. When working out, it’s always best to be in a good mood.

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Jay Z "Money Ain't A Thing" – Who wouldn’t want to work out to Jay-Z?!?!

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Kanye West "Don't Like.1" – Kanye’s songs pulls out my ultimate ego. LOL

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Los Hermanos Rosario "La Duena Del Swing" - This song is awesome! If you love salsa and merungue, you will definitely enjoy your workout more!

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Orquesta Tobaco Y Ron "Mi Plena" – Hot! Hot! Hot! Is all I have to say!