Get Fit With a Year of Crunch Live!

Get Fit With a Year of Crunch Live!
Courtesy of Crunch

Ay diosWe just got through Thanksgiving and somehow we're supposed to make it through Christmas and still fit into our pants!

We're always talking about joining a gym, giving up carbs for the New Year, and getting that bikini body back for spring break and summer, but the verdad is that we don't have time. The good news is that we're now one excuse short because Crunch, the gym best known for its cutting-edge classes, has gone mobile.

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With Crunch Live, we don't have any more escusas for not hitting the gym because now we can do it anywhere and anytime! Crunch Live grants members unlimited access to an extensive library of 35+ workouts all inspired by everyone's favorite classes--from yoga and Pilates, to kick-butt cardio and hip-hop! And now you can even get fit for free by entering our Crunch Live giveaway! One lucky entrant will win a year to Crunch Live and $25 worth of Crunch Swag--everything you need to reach your fitness goals this year! That's a $125 value! The only catch--it's still going to cost you your sweat and tears.

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