Health Halo: The Less-Than-Angelic Side to Your Snacking

Health halos are the seemingly angelic snacks that tease us with their promises of low-fat and sugar-free heavenly bliss. What happens when you purchase one of these tempting treats? Normally, after a few more than the recommended amount, they leave you asking for forgiveness.

When given the choice of a regular meal and a low-fat meal, obviamente your instinct is to choose the latter. Is this the best option for you though? The health halo effect can often lead to over-eating from the caloric misconception and item labeling.

Don’t let your summer snacking be a devil in disguise. Here are some of our favorite healthy snacks in 200 calories or less.

1. Health Halo: Popcorn

1 bag of Oriville Redenbacher’s Lime + Salt Natural Popcorn

The Lime + Salt popcorn will be your new favorite guilty pleasure with 190 calories and all the Latin infusion you’ll ever need. With no artificial ingredients, 28 percent of your daily fiber and 3 grams of protein in a personalized size, this will be your ultimate go-to snack. Fiber is key to feeling full so definitely snack on this before going out where you know you’ll be tempted with unhealthy treats. Available at your local grocery store, the box of four bags will be around two-to-three dollars.  

2. Health Halo: Hummus

2 tbsp Athenos Roasted Red Pepper Hummus with 1 cup raw veggies

Chickpeas are packed with protein and hummus contains pure olive oil. A serving of hummus is only 50 calories, has only 3 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbs and one gram of protein. This snack will leave you feeling full longer and you have the flexibility to get creative with different types of veggies. It’s the perfect snack no matter what’s in season. Available at your local grocery store for around three dollars. 

3. Health Halo: Avocado/Red Bell Pepper

Half an avocado with 1 red bell pepper

While avocados are a Latina staple, did you know one half has about 150 calories and is considered a super food? When you weigh in the benefits of Omega-3 and the good kind of fatty acids it’s even more desirable. They even benefit healthy skin, hair and nails! Skip the chips and add a little extra flavor with a red bell pepper for a creamy and crunchy snack. 

4. Health Halo: Wheat Thins

16 Reduced Fat Wheat Thins with 1 tbsp reduced-fat creamy peanut butter

While you may crave the creamy, salty and decadent flavor of peanut butter, eater beware: it can be full of fat and sugar. Look for reduced-fat peanut butter with less sodium and still get the same great taste. 1 tbsp has 3.5 grams of protein in it. Combined with the crunchy whole grains, the snack totals up to 11 percent of your daily value fiber. Reduced Fat What Thins are available at your local grocery store along with your favorite brand of reduced-fat peanut butter. 

5. Health Halo: Greek Yogurt

Fage Greek 0% yogurt and 1 cup of strawberries

If you haven’t tried Greek yogurt yet, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. One cup of Fage gluten free, non-fat and all natural Greek yogurt is only 130 calories and contains 46 percent of your daily value of protein. Holy protein, this is the muscle building snack for you! The live active yogurt cultures support digestive health as well. If you need a little extra flavor and color, add in a cup of fresh cut up strawberries for the perfect summer snack. Fage is available at your local grocery store and a 17.6 oz package will be around five dollars.