5 Ways to Keep Your Mind And Body in Check During the Holidays

The holidays may be all snowflakes and gift-wrapping, but when it comes to keeping up with your health, your body and mind certainly take a beating.

The tips and tricks ahead — some of which, from notable experts in the health industry — will help keep everything on track so that January 1st doesn’t look so scary.

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1. Switch up your workouts.

The fitness motivation may be slim pickens come December. To get the workouts going, keep it fresh and fun with new classes, through fitness apps like Zenrez, which offers last-minute spots at hot workout studios. Yoga one day and pilates the next will keep the bod right and tight through the new year.


2. Take your vitamins.

You already know you’re bound to fall off the health bandwagon at least a little, so you might as well take your vitamins while you’re at it. Care/of offers a personalized way to get your vitamins and nutrients in, by way of monthly packs filled with all the necessary pills needed to keep you moving all season long.


3. Eat fresh.

In preparation of the heavy duty eating you’ll be doing come Christmas Day, keep it fresh in the days leading up to the main event.  Dr. Partha Nandi, M.D., F.A.C.P., creator and host of “Ask Dr. Nandi” suggests eating real foods and avoiding the artificial. (And while this can seem like a difficult feat, it means more room for Christmas cookies when the holidays roll around…)

Dr. Nandi also advises to not be so hard on yourself. “The holiday season is meant to be celebrated, and it’s okay to enjoy yourself and some good, wholesome food.”


4. Stay mindful.

For many, the holidays bring on excess stress – with all the shopping, decorating and menu planning needed. To keep the anxiety down and the joy high, Lindsay A. Henderson, PsyD, a psychologist who treats patients via LiveHealth Online, suggests that we stay in touch with ourselves, despite the craziness of the holiday season. “Set reasonable expectations for yourself as far as shopping, cooking, gift giving, and entertaining goes.  Overextending your time or budget can end up doing more harm than good,” she says.  “If you find yourself feeling sad or worried, allow yourself to experience these emotions before making efforts to let them go. Giving yourself permission to feel negative emotions actually makes it easier to then move on from them.”


5. Consider your food options.

In the days leading up to the big celebrations, think about how you can go the extra mile for your gut. Picking organic food over regular, for instance, can help – if your wallet allows you. Another option: Swap your usual weeknight delivery service for Food Matters NYC, an organic meal delivery system that offers customized, nutritious meals. The New York-based service uses a holistic approach to make naturally-sourced meals, and ones that are healthier alternatives for the holiday season.