This Intense HIIT Workout Will Get Your Body Right

Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean you should let your beach body go.

Degree fitness expert Idalis Velazquez know just how to keep your booty in tip-top shape. Her secret? HIIT Workout. The fitness guru has created a new 30/15 HIIT routine — a 5-minute total body, high intensity interval (hence, HIIT) circuit that will maximize the calories burned compared to most other workouts.

Here's your chance to work with her on this full intense routine:

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1. Idalis Velasquez: 1

1. Squat Jumps

An epip lower-body tone sesh.

2. Idalis Velasquez: 2

2. Push-ups + Shoulder Taps

And now, for the upper-body burn.

3. Idalis Velasquez: 3

3. Runners Lunge with Knee Drive

Alternate jumps frmo side to side, while keeping the core tight for balance.

4. Idalis Velasquez: 4

4. Skater Hops

For this intense move, pretend like you're a professional ice skater, jumping from side to side and throwing your arms for added movement. 


5. Idalis Velasquez: 5

5. Jumping Jack with Star Jumps

Normal jumping jacks aren't enough for a HIIT routine. Add in a big 'ol star jump for even more heart-pumping cardio.