Massy Arias Opens Up About Post-Partum Depression


Massy Arias recently opened about the hardships of post-partum depression and anxiety in a cover interview with Parents magazine.

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"The postpartum period was the hardest thing I've ever gone through, made worse because I was determined to breastfeed but my nipples were a bleeding mess," she told Parents. "Those first weeks, I would forget to eat. I would forget to bathe. It was all Indi, Indi, Indi. If she napped, I couldn't sleep because I'd have to check to make sure she was breathing. I had so much anxiety. 'Am I doing this right? Why is she crying so much? Those frickin' hiccups, when will they go away? I was crying every single day. I was losing it."

The fitness guru found that joining a mother's support group helped with her depression and anxiety and her previous experience with depression and anxiety helped her understand that she would feel better once she could work out again. "I did start again four weeks postpartum," Arias said. Some of her followers noticed how early she returned to the gym and criticized her for trying to "get her figure back" and not focusing on raising her daughter. She says, "Comments implying I wasn't doing what was best for Indi messed with my head."

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Once the Dominicana's doctor cleared her, she began to bring Indi to the gym with her. "Slowly I started feeling like I knew what was right for us," she said. Now she straps Indi to her back during a workout or uses her stroller as resistance. It looks like the cover-girl is making it work.