5 Things to Know About Napercise, the Latest Sleep-Fitness Craze

How much would you give to skip your workout and instead take a quick cat nap? Most of us would do anything, but a new sleep-fitness craze called the Napercise is actually making that dream a reality. David Lloyd Clubs, a UK-based fitness company, started the classes in England, which instantly became a hit for those looking for a little mid-day shut eye. In each class, participants are instructed how to properly unwind before sliding into their respective beds for a solid 45 minutes of uninterrupted sleep.

Though it may seem non-traditional, the class has the potential to become a popular (and necessary) one in our rolodex of fitness. Ahead, learn more about Napercise:

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1. It was created for a specific demographic.

Though anyone can sign up for the class, it was originally created for "exhausted parents," since 86 percent reportedly admit to suffering from fatigue on a daily basis. A spokesperson of the fitness company explained that this number is "alarmingly high," considering how important sleep is to one's overall well-being.

2. The mood is set.

The class isn't just about a comfortable bed. The fitness room is prepared with atmospheric music and a temperature drop that allows participants to fall soundly to sleep.

3. It has more benefits than just a good sleep.

The company is setting out to provide much more than a few Zzz's. Each session is intended to "reinvigorate the mind" and "improve moods," as well as aid with some extra calorie burning throughout the day. The company explains they hope these benefits will "tackle the issues that families face."

4. It has good reviews.

During last month's free trial, participants were "really excited" and had a "really positive" experience, according to a rep. No wonder the group napping sessions are filling up quick! 

5. It can give people advice on their overall sleeping habits.

Though the classes only last for 45 minutes each, they do provide an important message that participants can take away with them: Sleep is just as crucial, if not more, than a hardcore fitness sesh, and it's vital that we let ourselves rest just as much as we do workout.