12 Quotes to Honor Your Body

Latinas come in all shapes, sizes and shades, but even knowing this many of us still deal with body image issues. From Denise Bidot to Jennifer Lopez, here are inspiring AF quotes to help you love your body.

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Her hips, don't lie and neither do her lips! 


This Cuban actress isn't here for any body shaming. During an interview with Marie Claire UK, Cameron Diaz opened up being bullied because of her body. 


Dascha Polanco Honor Your Body

From the red carpet to social media, OITNB's dominicana Dascha Polanco encourages us to break Hollywood's and society's ideas of beauty. During a Vogue interview, she expressed the importance of working with designers who value her Afro-Latina roots. 


America Ferrera Honor Your Body

From shape to size, coming into a new age causes your body to change in different ways. This may be overwhelming, especially for celebrities like Honduran actress America Ferrera


Demi Lovato Honor Your Body

"Confident" singer Demi Lovato has motivated us all through her journey of self-acceptance. In an interview with Glamour Belleza, the Hispanic star spoke about loving her inherited curves. 


Salma Hayek Honor Your Body

In Canada’s More magazine, Mexican powerhouse Salma Hayek didn't let society’s beauty standards stop her from admiring her love handles. 


Eva Mendes Honor Your Body

Cubana actress and designer Eva Mendes used her fashion career to help us embrace our curves. 


Jennifer Lopez Honor Your Body

Boricua bombshell J.Lo expressed how she has learned to accept who she is, and her Puerto Rican full-figure, in a Cosmo interview.


Jessica Alba Honor Your Body

Beauty is important to mexicana Jessica Alba. After all, she founded The Honest Beauty Company. But here she explains how important it is to exude beauty and confidence from within.


Christina Aguilera Honor Your Body

During a chat with People.com, Argentine "Beautiful" singer and mother of two Christina Aguilera expressed how self-acceptance is one of the most powerful tools a person can have when it comes to loving their body through motherhood and aging .


Gina Rodriguez Honor Your Body

Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez is known for her inspiring posts on social media. The Puerto Rican actress-humanitarian is always pushing Latinas to see their beauty within.  


Denise Bidot Honor Your Body

Puerto Rican-Kuwaiti model and founder of the "No Wrong Way" campaign, Denise Bidot uses her platform to promote body positivity for young women everywhere.