Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Love Life

Sometimes couples need something a little different mixed into their daily sex routines and that’s totally normal. It’s definitely more than okay to ask your partner to spice things up every now and then and to try different things such as various positions that you and your partner may have never tried before. Forget the standard positions you’re thinking of right now, missionary is out of the discussion, and get a bit more creative with your partner. Need some help? Below are some creative sex positions that will spice up your love life.

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1. The Slide Position

The slide position allows for women to enjoy double the simulation. 

For this position, guys should lie on their back, bend one of their legs, while keeping the other outstretched. Ladies, you will straddle his leg with your thigh on either side of him and lower yourself onto him. You should hold your knee to use for support as you rock up and down. 

2. The Iron

One of the main benefits of this position is simulation specifically for women.

Girls, you should lie face down on the bed with your knees slightly bent and your hips raised. For added comfort, and to up the angle of your hips, place a pillow under your lower abs. Your man will enter you from behind, keeping his weight off of you by propping himself up on his arms.

3. The Slow Dance

This next position is especially for those who are extremely busy and just need few minutes of intimacy with their partners. This is the quickie go-to position.

The couple should stand together facing one another. She will raise one of her legs and wrap it around her partner and pull her partner into her using her leg. If her wrapped legs exhaust themselves, guys you should cradle her leg with your arm. If she's flexible, lift her leg over your shoulder. 

4. The Moment in Time

Want something a bit more tamer but still on the spicier side? This position is for you.

Guys you will sit cross-legged and girls you will kneel down as that your legs are wrapped around his waist. This position allows for an intimate moment in time for just you and your loved one. 

5. The Spot Finder

This next position will definitely set you and your partner on fire. He will straddle your left leg between his legs while you lie on your left side. Your right leg will bend at his waist, giving your partner an all access to the good spots. 


6. The Eagle

The Eagle is commonly known for its' straighshot to all of the right spots.

Ladies, just lay on your back with your knees slightly bent. Your man will then kneel between your legs and hold onto your ankles. 

7. The Barrel

The Barrel is where the woman lays on the edge of the bed with her legs hanging off. The man will then position himself between her legs, lift her hips and thighs to allow a deeper penetration while she supports herself on her elbows.

8. Spoonful Delight


This position takes cuddling to the next level. Lie in your bed on your side and he will spoon you from behind and enter you slowly.