10 Ways Speaking Spanish Can Save Your Life


It Makes Your Brain Work More Efficiently

Accoriding to Today, The Journal of Neuroscience released a study that explains how a middle aged person can have mental reactions are so sharp – because they’re bilingual! Your bilingual brain works more efficiently than a person who only speaks one language. These benefits seem to come in direct relation to cognitive control. Speaking Spanish now can help you switch from task to task, without slowing down in the future. Do future self a favorite, if you don’t speak Spanish now, and learn it!

It Improves Your Academic Skills

Speaking Spanish makes you smarter! Research has shown that being bilingual individuals have outperformed monolingual people in competitive examinations. Already known two languages, bilinguals find it easier to tackle a third or fourth language, which makes them better in immersion programs. They also are capable of understanding and appreciating literature in both languages more than a monolingual person would.

It Helps You Become a Better Worker

Knowing how to speak Spanish, or learning it, will make you a more viable member of the business world. When looking for employment, having Spanish on your resume will make you stand out more than someone who only speaks one language. Being bilingual makes you more marketable and it will open up more career paths for you. When you get to a point in your career where you’re in charge, you’ll be thankful you know Spanish when it comes to communicating with those employees, co-workers, clients, and consumers who speak Spanish. You will have an edge over the competition because you can reach a larger number of people.

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