7 Ways to Add Years to Your Life

Staying on top of your health and wellness game can seem nearly impossible, especially when trying to juggle a job and social life. But there are little, useful ways that will keep your gut and mind in check, and lead to a longer life down the road.

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1. Go for a quick run.

Woman Jogging Healthy Living

Studies show that a quick run, even as short as five minutes, can add years to your life by reducing your risk of heart disease and risk of death. If you’re feeling bold, though, a six-mile run adds even more benefits.

2. Talk face-to-face.

People Talking Healthy Living

Though we may often be glued to our iPhones, face-to-face communication proves to increase overall pleasure, happiness, and clears up temporary mental health issues. This, in turn, contributes to long term health issues.

3. Pour yourself a glass of wine.

Woman Drinking Wine

Drink up, folks! Research shows that a glass of wine per night allows you to unwind and could increase your lift expectancy by five years.

4. Jump into the sack.

Couple in Bed

Sex has many health benefits, one of which happens to be produces more of the good hormone that aids in sleep, happiness, and physical pain.

5. Get a dog.

Woman with Pet Dog

A furry pup, or other pet, has the ability to increase your activity level and thus, decrease your risk of heart disease.

6. Grab a handful of nuts.

Bowl of Nuts

Nuts are an overall good, wholesome snack to have on hand, but new research shows that those who ate them several times a week had reduced mortality risk compared to those who skipped the snack.

7. Add volunteering to your list of hobbies.

Group of People Volunteering

Studies show that giving back and volunteering can add years to your life by lowering blood pressure and contributing to overall happiness.