Dia de los Muertos: 8 Stunning Pieces of Calavera Art

With October on the horizon, it's time to start decorating your casita for the autumn season. That means swapping out cool blues and ivories for bold, brilliant oranges, reds and golds. It means spooky Halloween-inspired goods; and, for many Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, it means it's time to get in the spirit (get it?) of Dia de los Muertos. 

Before you build your ofrenda, spruce up your space with one of these calavera-inspired pieces: 

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1. Calavera: 1

Florida-based Heather Calderon found herself inspired by childhood visits to New Mexico to visit her Mexican grandparents. Her calavera paintings add a playful touch to traditional Dia de los Muertos imagery. 

Mis Perros (Limited Edition Giclée), $30, HeatherCalderon.com

2. Calavera: 2

California artist Jose Pulido creates screenprints inspired by Mexican art and culture using a Japanese Gocco Machine, which allows him to create the prints from his own home. His designs utilize traditional Mexican symbolism, but add a touch of modern American imagery. 

Old Bat Calavera, $10, Etsy: MisNopalesArt

3. Calavera: 3

Los Angeles native Gabriela Ruiz describes her pieces as "things you'd probably see right before the end of the world." We wouldn't hate seeing this gorgeous piece of work before we die! This print of La Virgen de Guadalupe is beautifully detailed with gold metallic ink. 

Day Of The Dead Virgen De Guadalupe Print, $17, Etsy: Serpentes

4. Calavera: 4

Laura Bartholomew specializes in Dia de los Muertos wood burnings and paintings, like this spectacular mariachi calavera

Mariachi Day Of The Dead Limited Edition Print, $75, Etsy: ARTholomew

5. Calavera: 5

A dose of Mexican culture, a splash of feminism, and a touch of timeless iconography. Perfect. 

Rosie The Riveter Calavera Print, $8, Etsy: MisNopalesArt

6. Calavera: 6

Alynn Guerra has been printmaking for 17 years — and her experience definitely shows. The hints of red in this black-and-white print and vivacious facial expressions of the catrinas bring this scene to life. 

Seis Lunas Print, $60, Etsy: RedHydrant

7. Calavera: 7

Austin-based Leila loves all things Day of the Dead. She combined her love of Dia de los Muertos with her passion for tattoos and mixed in a bit of loteria imagery to create these uniquely beautiful prints. 

Day Of The Dead Loteria Set, $70, Etsy: IllustratedInk

8. Calavera: 8

Claudio and Sergio met in Mexico and eventually became partners — despite their very different styles and aesthetics. This colorful painting depicts a fight between a catrina and her friends against forces of evil. 

Dia De Los Muertos Art, $32, Etsy:OlivosARTStudio