10 Latin-Inspired Items That Will Spruce Up Your Space

Latin American decor can add a splash of color and a dose of culture to any space — not to mention, they're a great way to share your Latino pride with each and every guest who enters your home! 

Spruce up your casita with these 10 gorgeous Latin-inspired home decorations:

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Mexican designer Lorena Gaxiola debuted a loteria inspired collection earlier this year, complete with la estrella bowls, la botella tumblers, el mundo plates and el diablito serving platters. The refined collection, available with gold or silver accents, will add a splash of elegant Latin flavor to your tablescape.

La Loteria Dinnerware Set, $110 per set, LorenaGaxiola.com

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Handwoven by Aymara women in the Andean region of Bolivia, frazadas originally served as barriers against high altitude cold. These days, you can use the colorful coverlets to spruce up a bedroom or add a bit of Latin charm to an outdoor picnic. 

Bolivian Frazada, $325, lavivahome.com

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Target's Nate Berkus based his entire new collection on the culture and decor of Peru. He spoke with us about ways the country inspired him and his work: "Every day, we found some hidden shop or artist making the most amazing things. There was no shortage of inspiration — or things to love. From textiles, to bowls, to pottery, woven rugs, jewelry... really, it was an embarrassment of riches." 

His seagrass striped drum basket can be used a chic side table, and it doubles as hidden storage. 

Seagrass Stripe Storage Drum Basket, $34.99, Target.com

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Add a whimsical touch to your bedroom or living room with this calavera shaped pillow. The Watson Shop offers various Dia de Los Muertos-inspired designs in a variety of colors, patterns, textures, and shapes. 

Day of the Dead Cushion, $50, Etsy.com

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Talavera Emporium boasts that "cada pieza una obra de arte." The saying proves true: each piece is a work of art. Fashioned with talavera tiles, this tequila shot glass set almost looks too beautiful to use. Almost. Break out the lime and salt, because this set will perfectly accessorize any party!

Talavera Tequila Shots Set, $69.90, TalaveraEmporium.com

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Crafted in the mountains of Hidalgo, these tenangos add a splash of color to any room. The coverlet can be used a tablecloth, bedspread, or simply as fabric for any number of projects. 

Mexican Otomi Coverlet, $415, lavivahome.com

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Crafted in Ayacucho, these handcrafted, embroidered Peruvian pillows will perfectly compliment any living room decor. Plus, designer Jenny Krauss ensures that all her products are made according to fair trade guidelines. 

Costilla Pillow, $69.99, Anthropologie.com

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Colorful fabric can add so much color and spice to a space — but not everyone needs or want a new blanket or throw. We recommend the Shelley Lamp, handcrafted with authentic Otomi fabric. 

Shelley Lamp, $635, StrayDogDesigns.com

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Alpaca defines luxury — and Bolivia delivers the best-quality fabric. These unbelievably soft throws will add a touch of comfort and class to any bedroom. Plus, the blankets originated in the Cochabamba Valley of Bolivia, where artisans handcrafted the goods on wooden looms. 

Alpaca Herringbone Throw, $295, ArtisanConnect.com

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Share your love of Frida Kahlo in a unique, quirky way! These pillows, crafted by Allegra B Designs, showcase the aesthetic of the famed Mexican artist on an unusual surface: a pillow!

Frida Kahlo Throw Pillow, $17, Etsy.com