Best of Both Worlds: This Latina is Breaking Barriers in the YouTube Community

Within the last decade social media and video sites have given people the platform to express themselves while providing immediate connection to a huge audience. Alejandra Ayala is a Latina who has benefited from this as a vlogger whose channel has over 1 million subscribers. For a long time, Ayala had a small fan base with only 1,400 subscribers, but by making one small change Ayala was able to take her channel to new heights. 

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With the help of her brother the Mexican- American beauty realized by creating videos in Spanish she would be entering into an untapped market and possibly gain fans that relate to her. So after two years of producing videos in English, she made the change and immediately saw results.  Ayala hopes that in the future there will be more people following in her footsteps, in an interview with Tubefilter she says; " I’ve been lucky enough to have some incredible opportunities and experiences as a result of my channel and I’d love for there to be more Latinas making content in the space. My hope is that in doing so, Latinas will be less of a novelty for larger beauty programs and there will be more seats at the table for us." 

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According to Infoplease, Spanish is the second most popular language spoken in the world following Chinese-- English is third on the list. With over 400 million (estimate) Spanish speakers across the world we love the work this inspirational Latina is doing and cannot wait to see what's next for her vlog and career. Ayala is proof that hard work and dedication truly pays off! 

Check out Ayala's channel Styledbyale for make-up, fashion and lifestyle inspo.