Inspiring Latina: Entrepreneur, Producer & Professional Body Builder Dany Garcia!

Inspiring Latina: Entrepreneur, Producer & Professional Body Builder Dany Garcia!

How do you unwind? 

I do very much enjoy reading. I read a lot. I've always loved reading. I also dance. I do a lot of hip-hop dancing, which is pure fun.

Also, the time I get to spend with my husband and my daughter. My daughter is amazing. She's 13, and her mind is just incredible. We spend a lot of time talking about projects. She actually weighs in fairly heavily on a lot of the creative work I'm doing with the company, including the films that I'm executive producing. Even though it's somewhat work related, it also gives us an opportunity to spend some time together and hear her mind percolate. 

Has your daughter expressed interest in joining "the family business"?

Well, the family business is broad. She actually wants to be a WWE diva. She's very much excited about it. She has it as her plan after college. She's trying to coerce/blackmail/use her sweet, brown eyes with her dad to see if he'll let her into the ring. 

She does also love the creative side. She writes extensively. She writes books. She finished a 500-page book last summer. She's very gifted in her writing skills. 

She sees no restrictions; there is no glass ceiling. She is Cuban, African-American and Samoan. She's got these wonderful cultures all mixed together. She's so vibrant in how she sees things.

What's the most challenging part of what you do?

There's not another model. There's not another individual who is living the life I live, who I can look to and say, "Oh, well they did it this way." I'm always out there paving new roads.

What's the most rewarding part of your job?

I won my Pro Card [in professional body building] and then I won the overall, and my daughter was there. She doesn't usually cry at movies. She's very experienced, and she's seens so much. She's very steady and calm. And she was in tears. Her tears of joy was the greatest moment. I still get worked up. It was amazing to accomplish a dream that I'd had since I was 13-years-old, and then to share it with my 13-year-old daughter.

The other rewarding aspect? Quiet moments, when all is said and done. Just to be a part of those moments where magic is made. Luckily, in media, there's so much opportunity for magic. I love that. 

What makes you proud to be Latina? 

Everything! You know, if I could have been born anything, I would always pick Cuban. That's just the feeling. I wouldn't change anything: our music, our food, our family, our people, our passion. I love the wealth and expanse of our culture. 

When I grew up in New Jersey, I was the only Cuban in my school. I loved being different. I loved that I was a Garcia. I loved where my family came from.

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