Inspiring Latina: Sara Maria Saborido

Sara Maria Saborido, a Miami, Florida native of Spanish descent, is no ordinary girl. By the age of 29, she has earned an MBA, has worked for the last seven years teaching and caring for the children in her classroom, and has committed her life to helping others. Saborido counts her blessings every day and is most thankful to her mother, for making all of her dreams possible.

Read on to find out what this Inspiring Latina had to say about her love of teaching, the challenges she faced in her career and her advice for Latinas looking to follow in her footsteps!

Tell us about your work.

“I teach science for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. I’ve been doing that for the past seven years.  I’ve taught high school in the past, but now I’m teaching middle school.”

What degrees do you hold?

“I have a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies from St. Thomas University in Miami and an MBA with a specialization in International Business. I am currently finishing writing my thesis for my Doctorate in educational leadership.”

Do you teach science in Spanish and English?

“My specialization for my doctorate (degree) is in ESOL. ESOL stands for ‘English speakers of other languages.’ It’s basically all of the students that come from other countries (to the United States) and want to learn the English language. A lot of those kids that don’t understand a word of English are placed in the middle of these regular classes. They get placed with a Bilingual teacher like myself who teaches them and has an English and Spanish book, and little by little they start growing. By the end of the year they have learned a lot of English.”

What brings you greatest joy in the classroom?

“The greatest joy is the students. To be quite honest, I never thought I was going to be in this career. I did all my science work wanting to be a medical Doctor and when I started with medicine, I realized that it wasn’t for me. I changed it to be a Doctor in education (because) I love kids!”

What advice do you have for Latinas looking to follow in your footsteps?

“I would tell them there is nothing you can’t do with God by your side helping you. But you have to help yourself .You can’t expect for it to be given to you. You have to work hard, be very determined and ambitious in what you do. I totally believe there is nothing you can’t do...if you set your mind to it. And never give up. Never give up.”

Do you feel it’s important to contribute outside your role as a teacher, If so how do you?

“I tell my kids every year to get involved. Community service for me has been a huge thing in my life, since I was a little kid. (I volunteer for) the Sisters of Charity of Mother Teresa.  And that’s the order of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Since I was a kid, I would go (and) serve food to the homeless. It’s the biggest blessing because sometimes you get caught up in your life and you don’t appreciate at times how much you have.”

And you have a Gospel album right?

“I have an album. It’s (half) in English and (half in) Spanish. (Proceeds from) the album go to charity. It goes to the Sisters, and it also goes to an orphanage that my mother and I sponsor in India.”

Is there a Latina that you admired growing up?

“The Latina that I admire the most is my mother. She has been mom and dad. When I was born she dedicated her entire life to giving me the very best. She has been through thick and thin for over 50 years, when she first came with strength and hard work to the United States and opened her business, and forgot about the entire world to give me the very best. She is my best friend.”

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