Inspiring Young Latina: Zayda Rivera

Zayda Rivera, 35, applies her strength, determination, and positive spirit to every task at hand. As the director of multicultural communications strategy for the Hispanic Practice at Lagrant Communications, the Puerto Rican professional (and self-proclaimed yoga lover) helps promote and educate Latinos about the importance of health and health care. We spoke to the talented Latina about her role in communications and how she gives back to her community. Get inspired below!

What do you love about your role as director of multicultural communications at Lagrant Communications?

"I love being in leadership roles where I can create things from the ground up. This is exactly what my role at Lagrant is all about. I bring awareness of my client’s programs and studies to the Hispanic community through Hispanic media. All of the programs and studies I promote are specific to health and health care, so I truly feel like I’m doing my part to strengthen Latino communities across the United States. Providing Latinos with information on ways to live healthier lives gives me such a sense of pride and fulfillment in my everyday work."

What is it like working for the Latino market?

"I feel like I work with the Latino market instead of for them. I facilitated a partnership between my client and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists to produce regional conferences across the country in order to bring important health and health care information to the journalists that deliver our news everyday. Because of this partnership I have the opportunity to visit cities with large Hispanic communities that I may not have visited before. I’m excited to visit Atlanta in October and San Antonio in December and to interact with the Latino journalists in those cities as well as absorb the Latino cultural influences that make those cities great."

What inspires you day-to-day?

"My 5-year-old daughter, Z’Maya Summer. Her enthusiasm for life and curiosity to learn new things everyday keeps me focused on my own goals in life. I strive each day to work hard so that she is as proud of me as I am of her. She enriches my life in ways I never could have imagined before becoming a mother."

What lessons did you learn from the women in your family?

"My mother, Rafaela Rivera, overcame some of the most daunting obstacles that a woman could experience in life. Yet she is still one of the most loving and sincere individuals I know. She is my best friend! Her unconditional love and support of my dreams inspires the way I raise my own daughter. She taught me to be strong and independent and to never back down from the things I love. My mother and grandmother, along with my tias and my beautiful sisters, Kathy and Damaris, undeniably made me the woman I am today."

What advice would you give to other Latinas who want to pursue your career?

"Understand the trends and how media wants to receive information. It isn’t about a simple press release nowadays. It’s about delivering a dynamic story that can move and inspire the reader. Also, know the in’s and out’s of the media you are pitching to. If you pitch content that an outlet wouldn’t typically cover, it could turn them off from reviewing your future pitches. And most importantly, network!"

How do you give back to your community?

"I love to mentor young Latino professionals at the early stages in their career. Their ambition is contagious and inspires me to continue growing. My drive for being a strong mentor comes from not having one when I was first starting out. Knowing and confiding in a professional you can relate to who works in your chosen field can have a huge impact on a young persons career goals. Because I never had that, I want to be that for young professionals working hard at reaching their goals today."

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