Inspiring Latina: Meet Georgina Miranda, The Adventurer Who Turned her Passion into a Business


Avid climber and founder of Altitude Seven—an adventure lifestyle media platform— Georgina Miranda is challenging Latinas everywhere to take their lives to new heights. We chatted with the Inspiring Latina about how she got started as a climber, how she turned her passion into a business and much more. 


The extraordinary is always possible; never limit yourself or life's potential.


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1. How she got the climbing bug:

I was raised in L.A. by Nicaraguan and El Salvadorian parents and didn’t grow up hiking, skiing, or doing adventure sports! While in business school, I took some indoor-climbing classes that sparked my curiosity but reading an article about Eve Ensler’s mission to stop violence against women and girls set me on my path. I was so inspired and thought, What’s the craziest thing I can do to raise awareness?’ I decided to set the challenge to climb all the seven summits and traverse the last degree of the North and South Pole. I was 26, and I couldn’t run a mile and had never climbed a mountain. A year later, I climbed Mount Elbrus in Russia. Pushing yourself beyond what you think you’re capable of is life changing.

2. Why a passion turned into a business:


It’s my personal mission to share the gift of adventure with others through my company. choosing adventure and going beyond your limits—self-imposed, familial, or societal—allows you to change the narrative of who you are. getting out of your comfort zone in nature allows you to think bigger and bolder in all areas of your life and i want every woman, young and old, to experience that.

3. Her biggest climb:


I summited Mt. Everest after two attempts. The first time, I developed hypoxia and passed out about 400m from the summit. I’ve scaled Kilimanjaro, Denali and many more mountains around the world, but by far the hardest mountain I’ve ever climbed is launching my company, Altitude Seven. They are few women tech founders, low percentages of female founders in general are able to attain investor funding and even less Latinas. Everyday I have to go out and sell others on my vision, but my personal hurdles make me stronger.

4. Where you can find her next:


I'm excited to be part of REI Outessa, a woman’s adventure retreat. It brings women together from all walks of the “adventure life.” Some will do things that they’ve never tried before, while others are there to connect. It’s special to share my journey and be a part of theirs. I appreciate rei’s efforts to highlight diverse women breaking barriers. Hopefully, our stories will inspire others to do the same and be forces of nature.