Sex or Pernil: Latinas and Women's Equality Day

Congrats lovelies, it's Women's Equality Day! Today marks the 93rd anniversary of the passing of the 19th amendment, which back in 1920 granted women the right to vote in US elections.

Revolutionary though it was, celebrating this momentous occasion is really as conflicting and bittersweet as it can get, in my book. On one hand, I feel proud and empowered when I am reminded that women unfalteringly withstood torment to get to where we are now.

But what does it mean to Latinas living in the US, shaped by two cultures? Let’s face it; if life in the USA is a circus, Latinas got stuck with the juggling act. We are surrounded by protective parents and abuelas throwing us gems of wisdom like “get married, have babies” (preferably in that order) while popular media is simultaneously telling us that our careers come first and that cooking and cleaning are archaic signs of female domestic entrapment.