The Universe Has Spoken! These Are the Best Dates for Your Zodiac Sign

Hello Stars! The Best Dates for Your Astrological Sign

Star bright, star light, first star I see tonight — is it an Aries? Perhaps. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which is comprised of 12 astrological signs. Each sign has its own personality traits, turn offs and turn ons and, yes, even specific ways they need to be loved, courted and seduced.

How do you get the attention of each sign of the zodiac? What should he do to woo you? Astrologist, Danielle Mercurio, shares the best dates for your astrological sign:

Aries (Mar 21st-Apr 20th)

We start with the baby of the zodiac. Aries’ motto is “I Am,” and they like to be front and center. If you’re looking to date a ram, play on their “love for the fast paced,” Mercurio said. A date to “a music festival or taking a DJ class together” may just tickle their fancy.

Taurus (Apr 21st-May 20th)

Taurus are known to be homebodies. It’s not farfetched to “spend the day browsing through restoration hardware” with your Taurus, Mercurio suggested. “Go to an open house or a walking tour of a city,” she added, and your bull will be yours for the taking.

Gemini (May 21st-Jun 20th)

The twins are known to be active and mental. Much like Aries, they thrive in social settings and have a young spirit. “Go old school with a day of mini-golf or drag car racing, or find a local carnival,” Mercurio said. “Anything to bring out their inner child.”

Cancer (June 21st-Jul 22nd)

There’s one thing crabs can’t live without: the great outdoors! That’s why “an ideal date would be walking along the ocean or lakeside,” Mercurio suggested. If you’ve known them for long enough (Cancers can be very cautious) take them on a camping or glamping date. “Anything that feels non-material or showy” will melt the hearts of the sometimes crabby Cancer.

Leo (Jul 23rd-Aug 22nd)

As a fire sign, Leo’s love to laugh and revel in the spotlight. A great date would be “a night at a comedy show followed by drinks at their favorite local hangout,” Mercurio said. “Leo’s love going to spots where they are known by the staff” because all the attention is on them!

Virgo (Aug 23rd-Sep 22nd)

Ooh la, la! The intellectual Virgo is all about the good life and experiencing cultural treats. "Check out a tapas restaurant or go on a winery tour,” Mercurio suggested. That way they can revel in culture while showing off their smarts.

Libra (Sep 23rd-Oct 22nd)

Ruled by Venus, Libras are visual creatures and love beauty. To woo them, you must first “wear your best outfit.” Si no, you’ll lose serious cool points. Then, “hit up a hot club or lounge.” You can also keep it low key, taking them to a place where you can “enjoy stimulating conversation and friendly debate and banter.”

Scorpio (Oct 23rd-Nov 21st)

Intense by nature, Scorpios like to build an intimate connection. Leave the over-the-top date antics for a Libra or Leo and “opt for a healthy dinner at home, complete with candles/good music and Netflix afterwards,” Mercurio proposed. You’ll be chilling in no time.

Sagittarius (Nov 22nd-Dec 21st)

Sagittarius love anything loud and to be part of a crowd. Spontaneous, adventure may just be their middle name. “Try indoor rock climbing or mountain biking” to impress the venturesome Sag.

Capricorn (Dec 22nd-Jan 19th)

Competitive Capricorns love a challenge. They also rather not have the same-old dinner and drinks date. Mercurio thinks going out “for a night of bowling or hitting up a game night at the local pub.” That will get a Caps competitive juices flowing and keep things interesting.

Aquarius (Jan 20th-Feb 18th)

Perhaps the most friend-loving sign of the zodiac, Aquarius’ shine when venturing out and about and taking life in stride. A great date would be a street fair or a beer garden. A dinner party is also a good fit as Aquarius’ enjoy conversation and meeting new and interesting people.

Pisces (Feb 19th-Mar 20th)

The often sensitive Pisces loves a day filled with art and creativity. The dreamers of the zodiac would benefit from a date to a museum or a pottery class. Want to get even more zen? “Check out a yoga or meditation event,” Mercurcio recommended. Your Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, may just share his hopes, dreams and heart with you.