How To Create A Vision Board For Your Love Life

Let’s get real. You’re not going to rub your hands together and summon a man or any kind of love in your life. This isn’t Aladdin and love just doesn’t work that way. You may kneel and pray to whatever God you worship; you may bitch and moan to your gal pals; you may even date all of the time because you MUST be proactive. (I told you so, dammit!) And you can create a vision board for your love life. But there’s more to the Law of Attraction, the Law of Love and the Law of The Vision Board, and it has nothing to do with closing your eyes, wishing and praying yourself a relationship, and pasting magazine cut outs on a poster board.

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Trust me, I know. I was that girl. I thought that I could manifest a man and healthy love just like that without doing any real work.

So, how do you attain that good love? How do you attract the relationship you’ve been wishing for? Follow these steps to start the process of creating a vision board for your love life.

Be certain of your desires.

If you love a man who is funny or want a man who is hardworking and consistent, you can receive that – if you are truly certain that’s what you want. You can’t waver. You can’t confuse the Big Man Upstairs. You can’t say you want a man without kids and then only date men with kids. You can’t complain you always date immature men and date younger men. Ain’t nothing wrong with being a cougar, now, but you get what you get.

If you find yourself in the same relationship/different man, you are putting out signals that are bringing you that very relationship you say you loathe. Remember, we as women are the rejectors. At least when men are trying to get in our pants and in our hearts (hopefully, simultaneously). So you have to do a standup job of summoning the man you really want and can really handle.

Love, chica!

One of the ways to attract love is to simply love. Be kind. Be open to love. Don’t obsess over fulano de tal and that ex who did you dirty 5 years ago. We all have baggage. We all have flaws and shit we carry. Despite all of this, you have to choose to love before you create a vision board for your love life.

There’s much more to this, of course. If you’re not sure how to unpack your patterns and suitcase of baggage, I can help. I am offering an affordable coaching package for women who want to manifest new love or reignite love in their current relationships and themselves. I’ll help you get that good love without them therapy bills.

If you want to skip along to the vision board portion of this post, here’s how you manifest that good love. I just can’t promise it will last or that he won’t be full of the shit you don’t ever want.

Decide what kind of vision board it will be.

Will it be with words? Photographs? Drawings? Song lyrics? Will you create a virtual board or one to hang in your bedroom? Choose what works best for you and your personality.

Write down your wants – clearly.

Write (or type) a letter to your future partner. In this letter, thank him for the qualities you treasure. The more specific you are the better. Once finished, read the letter to yourself and keep it in a sacred place. Don’t share it with anyone. This letter is just for you. Like your birthday wish after you blow out the candles.

Get to cutting and snipping.

Now that you know what you want in a partner and relationship and you have selected the tools you will use, it is time to create a vision board for your love life. Add the words and/or images selected on poster board or cardboard. You can also use a picture frame. The tools don’t really matter, you just have to believe in your vision.

Go mobile.

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If you don’t know where to place your board or are afraid of that bad juju (your friends may think you’re loca), go mobile. Create the vision board for your love life, take a photo of it and use it as a screen saver. If you create the board virtually or through phone apps like Canva, you can store it right onto your phone.

That’s all, chicas. Remember that I am here to help. Get at me if you want that good love without them therapy bills.