Residents of These States Are Against Interracial Marriage, Survey Says

Residents of These States Are Against Interracial Marriage, Says OkCupid

Here in the Big Apple, love conquers all. Well, maybe not rush hour traffic or the rats who live in the city subways. But New Yorkers are extremely open-minded when it comes to love and when it comes to interracial relationships. Do what makes you happy, we say. Besides, it’s 2016! Who in their right mind would be against interracial relationships?

Apparently, the residents of Mississippi, Arkansas and Alabama don't feel the same way.

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According to The Hangover, an OKCupid relationship report, quite a few residents from Mississippi (18%), Arkansas (12%), and Alabama (11%) admit to being totally against interracial relationships. But, wait! It’s not as bad as it sounds. Though there is still progress to be made, 82 percent of Mississippians, 88 percent of Arkansans, and 89 percent of Alabamians are totally okay with interracial marriage.

Overall, as a country, we have become much more progressive. (The study also revealed that one in four people would date a transgender person.) And, although OkCupid predicts that race will continue to be the number one deal breaker for online daters, overall, users are becoming a lot more tolerant and, hopefully, a lot more full of love.

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