Last Minute Gifts for the Love of Your Life

Last minute doesn’t mean less love! February can be an extremely busy month with many still settling in for the new year. Time can just fly right-on by and next thing you know, it’s Valentine’s Day and you forgot to get a gift! Don’t fret, we’ve done some searching to help give you some ideas for some last minute - but lovely - gifts.

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You know how it's the middle of the night and your partner’s feet sticks her freezing feet under your warm legs? Well, if for some reason she is out of town, she can put on these comfy slippers, keep her feet warm, and think of you.

Here’s a review from a happy husband: “My wife thinks they're super cute!” -- NK-user

These comfy whale slippers are still available via Amazon.



The perfect mug for the perfect wifey. Here's a mug that will always remind her of how much you love her. 

Take a look at this promising review: "This mug is so cute!!! I am going to take it to work and show my coworkers that my man thinks I am the best!!!" -- Heidi L. Farmer

And this review from this wife who decided to take the reigns and buy the mug that she could not resist: "Bought this for myself, to remind my husband what kind of wife I am. Nice looking cup says” Best wife ever.” I like the style and everything about it. Thank you!" -- Rosemary Sommers

This wonderful mug is available via Amazon.

According to a Japanese legend, the red string of fate is what binds us to the most important people in our lives. We don't fall in love by chance; we were meant to be with our significant others. How beautiful! These pillow cases showcase that fated love making this the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Look at these great reviews: "Got as a gift for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. We are currently at different places so I got this for her because it would help her with the missing me part. She loves it! Colors are bold & show really well & comfy also." -- Amazon Customer

"Got this for me and my girlfriend while we do long distance. Its fun and a great way to help us feel close while we are so far apart. Pillow cases are exactly as pictured. There is a nice flap on the open end of the case to cover your pillow so the tag isn't sticking out. We both love our new pillow case." -- Justin

These lovely pillowcases are available via Amazon.

These cute mugs are selling out fast! Gift these romantic mugs to the love of your life. 

Take a look at this wonderful review: "Valentines day present for my loving and wonderful wife. She said it was the most adorable thing she's ever seen! I did too, that's why I bought it.
She proudly displays them in a shelf of prominence right out in the kitchen. If you are fun or romantic at all, you'll love these." -- Kevin

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There is no love story greater than Chris and Selena's. This book is a love-letter written from Chris to Selena and details their life together. We all know the tragic ending, but what makes this novel so beautiful is that Chris continues to love his late wife and continues to cherish their memories together. As he says in the book, "She will always be my wife."

Here's a review: "I found this book after watching the movie "Selena" for what feels like the 100th time. I was curious how the family picked back up and moved forward. I was laughing and crying, such a wonderful memorial to a life cut way too short. You can feel the love jump off the pages, and it makes me happy that Chris was able to find peace and move forward." -- KutKut

To Selena, With Love is available at Amazon.

This journal allows you to tell your Valentine everything you love about him or her. It's the perfect gift to express how you feel!

Take a look at this review: "Perfect gift for your significant other! Easy to fill in and makes a unique gift." -- Amazon Reviewer

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Who doesn't love a pair of comfy holiday-themed socks?! These beautiful foot huggers are perfect for your partner!

Take a look at this review: "These are very cute socks! The quality of the yarn and the colors are nice. They really look much more expensive than they were. Very happy with my purchase." -- Ariel

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Stranger Things has taken the world by storm. Gift your loved one with a card letting them know you think they're off the charts with these clever Stranger Things themed Valentine's Day card!

Here's a promising review: "Thanks for creating such a cool card! I loved the packaging! My boyfriend is going to love this for Valentine's Day!" -- Mia

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Are you in a long distance relationship? This is the gift for your loved one! Let them know you miss them with this handmade candle.

Here's a great review: "Got this as a gift for my boyfriend. He loves this candle so much and I loved how it even came with matches! Well worth the price." --Amazon Customer

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And finally, let your partner know that they are the light of your life.

Take a look at this review: "This pillow was exactly as described and in the picture! Great quality and size for the price! Impressed" -- Amazon Costumer

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