Hot Couple of the Week: Reyna Hernandez & Casey Logan

Since kicking off our Latino & Engaged: Hot Couple of the Week column several weeks ago, we’ve been swamped with lovely emails from couples wanting to share their stories.

We’re excited to share this week’s engaged Hot Couple with you all: meet Reyna Hernandez (who is a Public Relations Senior Account Executive for Sportivo) and Casey Logan (who is a talent agent and owns American Media Artists). The California couple met years ago at a mutual friend’s house party and forged their own friendship that spanned four years.

It wasn’t until now 30-year-old Hernandez (who is of Costa Rican and Mexican descent) worked with now 29-year-old Logan (who is Caucasian with Scottish heritage) at his talent agency that things between both turned more serious. Logan proposed to Hernandez last year on Valentine’s Day – you’ll melt when reading about the romantic details.

Read Reyna and Casey’s story below:

How did you two meet?

Reyna: We met six years ago through mutual friends. My old roommate was friends with his buddies from high school, and we met at their house party.

Reyna, what drew you to Casey?

Casey was always the life of the party and the most exciting person to always be around. Not only is he fun, but he’s extremely intelligent, which drew me to want to get to know him better.  He is also an amazing cook and can re-build a car engine all by himself!

Casey, what drew you to Reyna?

I was drawn instantly to Reyna’s amazing spirit, good heart and beautiful smile. She is so caring, thoughtful and just an amazing person. She is always the first person to lend a hand and I was really impressed when I found out that she is an American Red Cross volunteer. I also love how determined and inspirational she is – she has completed four marathons!

Reyna, when did you know that Casey was the right person for you?

I knew that Casey was the right person for me when I was going through a difficult time personally. He is always by my side through good times and bad and loves me unconditionally.

Casey, when did you know that Reyna was the right person for you?

The moment I first made her laugh and saw her beautiful smile. (I’m sure what I said wasn’t really that funny either, so I knew she had to be the one! 

Tell us about the day of the proposal.

Reyna: It was a complete surprise! A few days before Valentine’s Day, Casey asked me what I wanted to do to celebrate. I assumed he didn’t have anything planned so I said “whatever,” not putting too much thought into it because it was also going to be a long work day for me. On Valentine’s Day, he said he was going to take me out but was very vague with details. After work, he picked me up, wearing a black tuxedo and holding a red rose. I had never seen him so handsome! Casey then escorted me inside a Rolls Royce and put a blindfold over my eyes. We drove around for about ten minutes and the car finally stopped and he escorted me into a room. He finally took the blindfold off and had transformed his entire living room into the most beautiful and romantic lounge for two. There was a piano player in the corner playing all my favorite songs and a beautiful trolley cart with all my favorite foods, wine, champagne and desserts. He also had a fireplace lit so I wouldn’t be cold. I still had no clue what was in store for me. After dinner, Casey proposed a toast and I caught him signaling to the piano player. He played our favorite song (Etta James’ “At Last”) on the piano and then Casey got down on one knee, professed his love to me, and proposed!

Reyna, what went through your head after he asked you?

I can’t believe it; I’m going to marry the man of my dreams!

Tell us about your wedding plans. How’s that going?

Our wedding plans are coming along slowly. We are taking our time to plan out “our” perfect day!

What are you most looking forward to after you’ve married?

Reyna: I’m looking forward to traveling more together and creating more memories that will last a lifetime.

Casey: I’m looking forward to having a big family and always coming home to my best friend.