Can You Really Orgasm While Giving Birth? This Study Says...

You Can Orgasm During Childbirth, Study Says

In 2 weeks or less, I will be giving birth to my first child. Like most women, I am terrified of the impending labor pains — but should I look forward to orgasm?

According to a recent study, women can climax during childbirth. It has something to do with the euphoria that kicks in (see: delirium) when pushing out a human being from our vagina.

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Surprisingly, many women enjoy the experience of childbirth. 67 percent out of 2,200 women surveyed stated they loved giving birth and had an amazingly positive experience. One in 20 women even admitted to having a toe-curling, praise Jesus Cristo moment as they experienced an orgasmic birth.

Another study backs up this data. In 2013, over 900 midwives reported 668 cases where a woman orgasmed during labor or  “showed signs of pleasure” even if they didn’t climax. This is positive news for pregnant women.

Give me an orgasm over pain and poop (it happens) any day!