Our Modern Latina Bride Learns The Meaning of ‘For Better or For Worse’

In life there are ups and downs and in marriage, you commit to "better or worse, in sickness and health," right? Well, after being engaged I knew I was ready to take that on.  I envisioned Hec and I as two little old people taking care of one another and having silly, unimportant bickering like only two people that have spent their entire lives together can do. Hec and I are super young and full of energy; we go to dinners, cocktail parties, sunday brunches, you name it, so naturally the "worse and sickness" part of our vows was never a present idea in my mind— those things would come long down the road and it actually seemed cute and romantic to me. That is until, out of left field, in the midst of planning my perfect little wedding, life took its course and I found my love and commitment being put to the test before we've even said our vows. Hec got a bad cold and was sick in bed initially, and I had no clue what to do. I mean, I've never had to care for someone - that was something my mami always did for me and in my mind this wasn't something that I would have to take on so soon.  But, low and behold, as time passed I found myself caring for him like a mother for her child (not in a creepy way, but you know what I mean) and as such I was so concerned that I was actually being annoying by constantly asking if he was hungry, if he wanted tea, if he was comfy, the list goes on and on.  I later came to realize that the innate maternal qualities I showed were not so much those of a mother, but rather a wife. And that's when it hit me— I had an "aha" moment and it all became real: I was going to be someone's life partner through everything.

As fun and exciting as it is getting caught up in the perfect cake and theme for your wedding, you must realize that it's so much more than that. At an unexpected and, let's be honest, not-so-pretty time like this, I'm happy I saw aspects of the "worse and sickness" part of the vows. I naturally acted on love and that just made me more secure that he is the person I want to grow old with, bickering about who forgot to shut off the light. :)

When was your "aha" moment?