Our Modern Latina Bride On Pressure to Have Babies...Already!

I have a very big family with lots of cousins around my age and older, so it seems like there is always someone having a baby. I have witnessed my sister, brother, and several cousins have children (each of few times), but I was never included in that roster since I was the “single” girl.

Now that I am married the pressure is on! Even though I have only been married for a month and a half, the pregnancy subject has come up at least a few times! People aren't even asking me if I’m ready to have children, but just assuming that I am next in line. The thought of me wanting to wait to have children is not even an option to them.

Whenever I hear “You’re next!” I just smile. The truth is that I’m not sure how I feel about having a baby right now. I haven't even been married long enough to give having a baby some thought. So until then I’ll just keep on smiling and let people say what they will until the day I actually decide I want to get pregnant.

Did you feel pressure to have a baby once you got married?