Our Modern Latina Bride Is Running Out of Time!

Chris and I reserved the last few weeks before our big day for all the little finishing details. With all the bigger decisions made, we had a bit of time to focus on particulars like the invites and stationery, the cake, seating chart, finally booking our limo and the favors.

As the date got closer, the pressure did get a bit more intense, but we had some great resources. I had mentioned earlier that we consulted our friends for so many questions, and the final touches were no exception. One of my coworkers makes marshmallows on the side, so I approached him about making the favors for our guests—sweet little organic treats packaged perfectly for each attendee. An acquaintance recommended our cake maker, Gladis, who makes incredibly stunning cakes out of her house; the pictures on her site say it all. And after the tasting we were sold! (Let’s just say my dad asked for seconds and ate every option available.) And our previous Modern Latina Bride Verky got me into WeddingMapper.com, which was the easiest and most hi-tech way to handle the reception’s seating chart (thanks Verky!).

For the invites, we hit the web. These days, I learned, there are so many great websites that handle stationery so well—and thankfully affordably. Companies like minted.com, theamericanwedding.com, weddingpaperdivas.com, and others provide a variety of styles, colors, papers and designs to really personalize a couple’s wedding stationery. In the past, maybe going with an online retailer for something as crucial as the invites might have been risky, but today the process is so simple and the choices are really amazing. Chris and I went with Wedding Paper Divas; we picked some invite styles and paper types that we liked, and the company sent us actual samples to examine at home. It was so easy to pick a design that went with our whole ambiance (the turn-of the century location, the fall leaves, the colors, the weather). And a plus to using this site is that you can get all your stationery—invites, place cards, menus, and a whole array of other items (like the little stickers we used to personalize on our favors)—that all match or coordinate perfectly. Everything turned out so beautiful and high-quality, that we’re in the process now of deciding on our thank you cards from the same site.

I can’t say that everything went without a hitch. Chris and I had our little disagreements here and there; for example, he was very adamant about having bright flowers, even though I wanted a more toned down palette. We compromised and had bright centerpieces, but my bouquet was the light pinks and whites that I was partial to. Despite everything, though, I feel super lucky to have had such an amazing partner throughout this whole planning—I’m glad he was so involved and not everything was on me! And with the help of our families and friends, we pulled everything together well and on time.

Next week, for my last blog, I’ll share a few pictures of the day!