Sex Dominates Minds At Work, Sex-At-Work Survey Says

We know we’re supposed to be working while at work, but let’s be real… sometimes our minds stray a bit. It turns out we think about sex a lot when on the clock. According to a sex-at-work survey conducted recently by Business Insider, about 85 percent of 2,500 professionals think people at the same company should be able to sleep together if they want.

That same percentage probably thinks all sexual relationships born at work will result in the same wedded bliss related to cutie-pie couple Pam and Jim from The Office. We just want to remind those clouded minds that The Office is indeed a television series – as in, not real life. Which means that an overwhelming sense of awkwardness will most likely result between you and a co-worker should you both choose to engage in sexual intercourse.

From what Business Insider described as “one of the most popular surveys we have ever done,” about 93 percent of those surveyed think that there's no obligation to report to Human Resources if they're knocking boots with their coworkers.

We can just imagine how the imagined conversation would go between the remaining 7 percent and their respective HR people:

“Hey Barbara, I have something to share with you. I feel it’s important for you to know that Tim and I are having sex. We’ve been having sex since that two-day company retreat about a month ago. Usually, I stay the night at his apartment, but we’ve messed around in the office supply closet after-hours. Just wanted you to be aware.” Hmmm, we don’t know. We just don’t see that happening.

We admit this has been one of the most entertaining surveys we’ve come across. One thing is for sure – more than half of those surveyed don’t think managers should be allowed to have sex with their subordinates. We can only imagine how sticky things would get should the relationship not work out.

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