These 9 Memes Will Make You Glad You're Not In A Relationship

Happy Valentine's Day to all the single ladies!  These hilarious memes show what we are truly thinking on V-Day.

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1. V-Day is Actually BFF Day

2. The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Netflix is always waiting for you at home <3

3. When You Hear That Beep on Your Phone...


With every new day the love thickens.

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And it's only Snapchat.

4. I Make Money Moves

Turns out, I'm rich, I'm rich, I'm rich

5. When They Ask What You're Doing Today

You're too busy catching up on your favorite telenovelas. #Netflix

6. I'll Take the Te with the Quila Please

How does the saying go? "I don't need a man, I need tequila and a tan."

7. Treat Yo'self

Buy you some chocolate, pizza, and some new clothes.

8. They Already Know

...and yet they still ask.

9. Resist Temptation



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Not today sis! Don't be tempted on this day