Have a Lot of Sex? A Study Says You May Be Unhappy

Have a Lot of Sex? A Study Says You May Be Unhappy

Any word can be sexy in Spanish. Whether you’re asking for una hamburguesa (a hamburger) or to hacer el amor (make love), you may just turn someone on. So imagine my shock when I discovered that having too much sex is a bad thing. Whatever will we do with our sex appeal!

According to a new study, we really need to keep it in our pants, or risk being unhappy. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University surveyed 32 married couples and asked that they double their frequency of sex. For example, if a couple had sex twice a week they had to ramp it up to four times a week. Another group of 32 couples were asked to have sex at their normal rate.

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The hope was to explore whether sex ignites our lives and relationships, or if it’s just a hassle. It  turns out that the couples who had more sex weren’t any happier. Many reported that having more sex made them want less sex. Their desire for sex and each other almost diminished, and that made the couples feel blue!

So let’s see: the more sex you have the worse you feel. Perhaps it’s because of how busy we are in life, or how these sex sessions felt obligatory. Let’s put this theory to the test, chicas, and use extra sexy Spanish words to prove them wrong!