The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your True Valentine - Yourself! You Deserve It


Loving yourself should be an everyday thing. So why not love yourself a little bit more on the holiday designated to celebrate love. You don't need an overpriced dinner or marked-up chocolate (because it'll be cheaper the next day anyway) to indulge in some selfish pampering. Let me set up the scene. You cozy up in your favorite pajamas and prop yourself on your most comfortable pillow and enjoy a night to prioritize yourself. Here are some gift suggestions to make the most out of Valentine's Day.

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1. Set the vibe with a salt lamp


These lamps will make you feel like you are sitting around a campfire (minus the smoke and cold). Himalayan Amber Salt Rock Lamp - Medium, $45,


2. Switch up your bath routine


Change your bath ritual by filling up your bathtub with Harper + Ari Peach Exfoliating Sugar Cubes (16 oz.), $24,

3. Refresh your skin


Massage your skin with this moisturizing exfoliator that will leave you smelling like a thousand rose petals. Coco Rose body polish, $28,

4. Sip on some rosé


Are you a rosé devoté? Made from 100% organic Pinot Grigio grapes, with hints of strawberry and grapefruit. Bellissima Sparkling Rosé, $24.99,

5. Treat yo self to some macarons


What's better than roses? Mouthwatering macarons. Gluten-free Sweethearts box macarons, $36,

6. Slay with the perfect manicure


Fall in love with these shades of nail polish. On the mauve, crunch time & tinted love, $10,

7. Detox your face


Reveal a pore-fect skin with this face mask and add it to your skin care collection. Boscia Luminizing Pink Charcoal Mask, $34,

8. Capture your zen


Shoot and decorate in a vintage style. Polaroid OneStep 2 i-Type Camera, $99,

9. Healthy self is a happy self


Women's health is often dismissed but you can take a personalized daily vitamin quiz and have it packaged to you, price varies,

10. Pour a cup of something warm

Mugs are essential, $9.99, West Emory Ceramic Mug

11. Get cozy and sassy


These pair of soft socks make a statement. Girls Bite Back Sporty Socks, $12,

12. TOP it off

Pink is powerful. I am Latina Light Classic Dad Cap, $35,

13. Snuggle up with the softest blanket


It's a proven fact that blankets improve your day by 100% (full disclosure we made that number up), Faux Snow Leopard Fuzzy Throw, $33.71

14. Sleep in luxury


Catch the best beauty sleep by sleeping on silk, it helps moisturize your skin, protect your lashes and prevents tangles in your hair. eye mask, $42, pillowcase, $95,