Does Junot Diaz Like His Girls <i>Dirty</i>?

As reported by Guanabee.Com it appears that Dirty Girls Social Club author Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez got a little bit more than inspiration during a tryst with the newly minted Pulitzer Prize winner Junot Diaz. In a move that echoes her upwardly mobile fictional characters, Valdes-Rodriguez took to her blog to both praise Junot Diaz and his win, but also to gloat about the fact that she slept with him... a decade ago!

But, the escandolo doesn't stop there! Apparently, Valdes-Rodriguez opinion of Diaz's hugely popular and critically acclaimed work The Brief and Wondrous life of Oscar Wao hasn't always been positive. After reading a less than stellar review of the book on Guanabee she praised the blogs editor for being "honest and brave" and went on to publicly admit that, not only did she not like the novel, but she lied to her blog readers initially about her opinion because she was afraid to go against the grain.

Now that he's won the Pulitzer she's hitching her ponies to her "friend, Junot Diaz" and his book once again, saying, "Turned out he was not quite right as a boyfriend, seeing as he already had a girlfriend I knew nothing about, but he was so utterly right as a writer and mentor. It was Junot who first encouraged me to write novels, and I will never forget it. Never. Felicidades, m’ijo. Well-deserved, and fun to watch you soaring around up there."

Hmm... I hope Junot still likes his Dirty Girls on Top!