Money Matters: How to Host a Fab Girls Night In

Not everyone can make it to NY, Milan, London or Paris but everyone can now have a front-row seat and a back-stage pass via live-streamed Fashion Week shows.  So forget the big city trips and forgo your regular Girls Night Out at the trendy but overpriced local hotspot. Instead, host a Fashionistas Night In!

That’s right. The only trip will be the one to your house where you and your girlfriends can react to the runway in real-time.

No GNI (Girls Night In) is complete without:

   - A menu exclusively of bite-sized appetizers and desserts – everyone gets assigned a finger food to bring

   - A signature cocktail with fresh ingredients. Give them a funny name like “male model martini,” “catwalk cosmopolitan,” or “backstage bellini” – hey, a little cheesiness never hurt anyone! You can also go for a premade drink mix, like Skinny Girl Margaritas.

   - A specified attire, like red carpet or all black.

   - Your own group hashtag for live-tweeting commentary

   - Skyping with friends who can’t make it

   - Testing the hair, makeup and nail runway trends and posting pics online (remember to stock up on fun beauty booty in advance)

Money-smart tip: Quality time with your besties doesn’t need to break the bank. You don’t need a girls’ getaway or even a girls’ night out. Instead host pot-luck style theme parties where everyone brings a dish. Pull out your PrePaid MasterCard for small splurges – like trendy nail polish shades for your BFFs to play with or a premade mojito mix to sip on.

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