Money Matters: Staycation

Why waste precious time in transit or waiting for bags or dealing with delays when fall adventures may require traveling just blocks away?

Forget the trains, planes and automobiles and instead become a tourist in your very own town. Take advantage of what’s right around you and hit all those places you always say you’d like to go to but never find the time.  That way you can splurge on experiences and keepsakes, not overpriced airfare and luggage fees.

Added bonus: In addition to money, it may also save you some sanity.

Not sure where to go first?...

Every city is unique but here are our TOP 10 Favorite Staycation Destinations & Activities:

  1. Art Galleries and Museums
  2. Vintage and Consignment Shops
  3. Parks, Gardens and Other Natural Wonders
  4. Food Tours
  5. Outdoor Concerts
  6. Theatres
  7. Farmers Markets
  8. Hiking, Biking and Rock-Climbing
  9. Flea Markets
  10. Wine Tastings

MONTHLY MONEY MATTERS TIP: Cut out a simple splurge like your weekly mani/pedi (you can do it yourself!). Challenge friends and family to do the same and compete to see who can load the most savings onto a Prepaid MasterCard each week. When those balances start to stack up, get out and enjoy the best your city has to offer together. 


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