10 Mobile Money Makers

Get savvy with your dinero just by clicking on these free finance apps.

1. Money Saving Apps: Mint


Manage your budget with Mint.com’s app. Just add all your accounts (checking, savings, credit cards, loans, investments, retirement) and track every transaction to understand your spending and where you need to cut back. 

2. Money Saving Apps: ReadyForZero


Whether it’s credit card bills, car payments or student loans, ReadyForZero helps you pay off debt faster. In just a few clicks, it creates a payment plan that works with your budget and can be adjusted anytime. Consider it your virtual financial adviser. 

3. Money Saving Apps: Expensify


When tax time rolls around, getting all your paperwork in order can be a headache. Expensify gets the job done by tracking your credit cards and bank accounts and creating a simple expense report online. You can also snap photos of receipts and it’ll create an electronic record—perfect for working your way toward a refund.

4. Money Saving Apps: Key Ring

Key Ring 

Bulging wallets can finally breathe easy. Key Ring creates electronic copies of all your existing loyalty and memberships cards and lets you join new programs and access exclusive deals.

5. Money Saving Apps: Redeemia


Can’t keep up with all the daily deals coming through your inbox? Let Redeemia weed through them. Based on your location, preferences and interests, the app culls the best deals from sites like Groupon, Wowcher and LivingSocial.

6. Money Saving Apps: Hukkster


Fell in love with a pair of heels but don’t want to pay full price? Hukkster will track the shoes online and notify you when they go on sale or when there’s an applicable coupon. You can also organize products into shareable lists and make a purchase any time. 

7. Money Saving Apps: RetailMeNot


Don’t head to the checkout line without consulting RetailMeNot. Use it to peruse thousands of online and in-store coupons and sign up for deal alerts. You’ll save on everything from hotels to clothing, car rentals and even coffee.

8. Money Saving Apps: ShopSavvy


Before you lay down your credit card, scan any item’s bar code and ShopSavvy will find the lowest price both online and at local stores. 

9. Money Saving Apps: ATM Hunter

ATM Hunter

Cash machine surcharges can cost as much as $5, so next time you need fast money, avoid those unnecessary fees altogether by locating your bank’s closest ATM with help from this MasterCard-operated app.

10. Money Saving Apps: GasBuddy


Rising fuel prices have you rethinking public transport? Next time you need to fill up, find the nearest gas stations in your area with this app, which provides the price per gallon as well as directions. Then share what you paid at the pump, since GasBuddy relies on more than 22 million drivers for data.