Dodgers Baseball Player Adrián González Opted Out of Staying at Trump's Property

Adrián González Declined Donald Trump's Hospitality
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Adrián González seems to be joining the ranks of influential people taking a stand against Donald Trump.

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While the Los Angeles Dodgers took up residence at the Trump International Hotel and Tower this past May in Chicago, González requested to stay elsewhere.

“I didn’t stay there,” González said. “I had my reasons.”

While he doesn’t explicitly state his political beliefs, González’s cultural identity could be the reason why he opted out. While born in San Diego, the baseball player’s parents are from Mexico. He moved to Tijuana when he was younger so that his father could focus on his business that he owned there. González even played for Mexico's national team at the World Baseball Classic.

“I’m Mexican and I’m American,” he told the Los Angeles Times in 2013.

He also repped hard for Latinxs when he helped introduce Spanish accent marks to MLB jerseys.

Basically, he's likely not Trump's biggest fan, but it’s not something he wants to talk about.

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"We're here to play, not talk politics," he said.