Don't Miss the Solar Eclipse This Weekend!

Parts of the U.S. will get a treat this weekend. On Sunday, May 20, a solar eclipse will blot out part of the sun (up to 94 percent!), causing the sun to appear as a thin ring behind the moon. This will be visible to the western states, appearing to northern California first and then making its way across to the Texas panhandle.

The last time this type of eclipse was seen in the states was 1994. Thirty-three national parks along the viewing path of the eclipse will be hosting “eclipse parties” to view the spectacle, including the Grand Canyon. (Road trip?) Some astronomers in Colorado are even setting up a viewing party in a football stadium!

We may be nerding out, but we think this sounds pretty cool. One big tip: Be sure NOT to stare directly at the eclipse, as you can damage your eyes. Punch a small pinhole into a cardboard box and view the eclipse through that. (Hey, it's good consejos!)

Will you be watching for the eclipse? Can you see it where you live? Share in the comments!