Argentine President Cristina Fernandez Tries to Silence Critics in the U.S.

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Argentine President Cristina Fernandez has been on a U.S. tour this week, and she has been sending a message to all naysayers in Washington and on Wall Street who say Argentina is headed for an economic disaster: you're wrong.

The Argentine government has racked up several "IOUs" as its tried to recover from its world-record debt default a decade ago, but Fernandez argues Argentina's economic rebound has been possible because its leaders have stood up to forein pressure and placed the welfare of their people first, according to the Associated Press

"We're not going to be anybody's employees or subordinates. We are a free country, with dignity and national pride," she said last month.

While Fernandez continues to declare Argentina a nation that has overcome odds and will continue to do so, analysts believe the country has hit a tipping point, and that an imminent financial collapse is coming.

What do you think of Cristina Fernandez's remarks? Do you believe her or think that Argentina is headed for a financial disaster? 

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