Latino Voters Oppose Sixth Term for Sheriff Arpaio

Latino voters want a new sheriff for Maricopa County – and that sheriff is Democratic hopeful Paul Penzone. Penzone, a retired police officer, is going up against Joe Arpaio, the sheriff who has been the Maricopa County sheriff for five terms. The county is Arizona’s most populous county.

Leading up to election day on Tuesday, activists have gone door-to-door registering Latino voters and advocating for the hopeful that is lagging behind Arpaio in the polls, reports the Huffington Post. Penzone has emphasized his problem with Arpaio’s priorities, saying his outspoken rhetoric and actions concerning undocumented immigrants are preventing him from focusing on true public safety.

On his site, Penzone states: “The Arpaio of today is not the same man this county elected 20 years ago. He lost his way. Paul Penzone will usher in a new era of fiscal responsibility to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. He will restore integrity. And he will make public safety the highest priority – above posturing, politics or publicity.”

In the past year, Arpaio’s actions against undocumented immigrants have landed him in a class-action civil rights trial and a federal lawsuit that accused him of racial profiling.

"It's time for a change. I feel that the forces of order represent something extraordinary in our society,” Penzone said to Efe. “The community should have confidence in our police officers and I think that is lacking in the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office."