Que Cute! This Boy Asked His Mom to Pack Him Two Lunches For the Sweetest Reason

Mira Que Cute! This Boy Asked His Mom to Pack Him Two Lunches For the Sweetest Reason
Josette Duran

In the whirlwind of negativity that is 2016, it's always beautiful to know that good people still exist.

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Josette Duran's son Dylan made a strange request for her at the beginning of the school year: to pack two lunches to take to school with him every day.

"Dylan explained there was a boy who sits by himself and eats only a fruit cup," Duran explained to Us Weekly. "He said he didn't think the friend had enough money to buy lunch."

So Duran said the process became normal. She'd send her 14-year-old off to school with two brown bags every day. Later on in the year, Duran found out exactly how significant her small contribution was.

It turns out that the child's mother had lost her job and couldn't afford to give her son money for lunch. Duran wholeheartedly related to this, as her and Dylan were homeless four years ago and couldn't afford food, either.

"We were living out of my car, hotels, and on friends' couches," said Duran, who is now self-employed.

The boy's mom eventually found out what Dylan and his mother were doing and offered to pay them back, but Duran refused. In fact, she raised money with the school's girls' volleyball team to help prevent this issue from happening in the future. They came up with more than $200 for the school cafeteria. 

"We paid up all the past due accounts for all the kids that need lunch," Duran said. "So now no one in the school that owes any lunch money to anybody and everyone can eat."

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Duran's post about her and her son's random acts of kindness has been trending on Facebook since October 14. News station KCCI's interview has been viewed more than 12 million times and shared over 303,000 times.