Brazilian Woman Mistakenly Buried Alive Spent 11 Days Fighting Her Way Out

A Brazilian woman was buried the next day she was pronounced dead but people living near the cemetery said they heard screaming and bangs coming from her coffin.

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According to Rosangela Almeida dos Santos's death certificate, she was pronounced dead on January 23rd after suffering two cardiac arrests and dying from 'septic shock. G1 reports that the next day her family buried her but on February 9th - 11 days later - neighbors near the cemetery alerted her family after hearing screams coming from the tomb.

The video footage shows local men in the Senhora Santana cemetery in Riachao das Neves, northeast Brazil, opening the lid of the coffin. The 37-year-old is believed to have been conscious inside her coffin trying to fight her way out of her wooden casket that was nailed shut. The nails around the sides of the coffin lid had been pushed upwards, and there were scratches and blood on the inside with injuries on her head and hands. She had already died by the time the tomb was opened.

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In the video, people notice that her feet were still felt warm, while others asked to call the ambulance.