Dead Man Wins Mexican Mayor Race

A man has been elected mayor of a village in southern Mexico.

Just one little problem – he was believed to be dead.

According to the Huffington Post, Lenin Carballido narrowly won the mayoral election this past Sunday in San Agustin Amatengo, which is located near the colonial city of Oaxaca.

The otherwise joyous news reached a snag, however, when a death certificate for Carballido later surfaced. The certificate stated that he died in 2010 of a diabetic coma.

Officials are reportedly scratching their heads now, trying to figure out how a man who is certified as dead got elected for public office.

According to HuffPo, Oaxaca said Thursday the certificate had been crafted and signed by a public registry official, but the death had actually been faked.

According to prosecutors, one of the new mayor's relatives used the certificate to convince detectives to drop an arrest warrant for an alleged 2004 rape.