Beauty Vlogger Desi Perkins Joins the Fight to Keep DACA Alive


Mexican-American YouTube star Desi Perkins is calling on her millions of followers, and reaching out to Congress herself, to keep DACA from being rescinded.

MORE: Trump Ends DACA Program That Protected Young Immigrants

Last week, the Trump Administration announced they would repeal the Deferred Childhood Arrivals program, which protected young immigrants from being deported. DACA’s fate now relies in the hands of Congress who have six months to figure it out.

In the meantime, celebrities and public figures have been using their platforms to help bring attention to the issue and rally support.

And Desi Perkins is doing the same. The beauty vlogger recently took to Snapchat and Twitter to plead her case, asking her fans to write to Congress and Tweeting Republican California Congressman, Jeff Denham, asking him to support the Dream Act.


We’re so proud of the young beauty for stepping up and doing what she can to keep the 800,000 people covered under DACA covered. If you'd like to help, you can write to your Congressional representatives as well to urge them to preserve the crucial program.

H/T: Vivala