12-Year-Old Girl Dies From Strep Infection Misdiagnosed as Flu


Flu season is in full force and it's important to distinguish between influenza-like symptoms and serious infections.

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This mistake costs Allysa Alcaraz's life when she was diagnosed with the flu and given cough syrup and nausea medicine by her doctor. After four days of battling the "flu", she was rushed to the hospital by her mother, Keila Lino, who said her daughter had no appetite and had trouble breathing.

According to Fox, the 12-year-old went into cardiac arrest as a result of septic shock from a strep infection in her blood and within hours, Alcaraz was dead.

“A couple days after she passed, we got a call from the lab at the funeral home,” Lino said. “We were shocked by it. Doctors said it was the flu, but it was a bacterial infection due to strep that shut down [her] organs all within three days.”

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The mother-of-four said she's sharing her daughter's story because she wants other mothers to push doctors to be sure of their diagnosis especially during flu season.