Hilda Solis Leaves Her Post as First Hispanic U.S. Labor Secretary

The country’s first Hispanic labor secretary has backed down from her post.

According to Fox News Latino, Hilda Solis submitted her resigned letter to President Barack Obama yesterday afternoon. In it, the 55-year-old Mexican American said she plans to return to California, where she was born. She added that she decided to leave her post “after much discussion with family and close friends. . .to begin a new future, and return to the people and places I love and that have inspired and shaped my life.”

Solis, who has degrees from both California State Polytechnic University, Ponoma, and the University of Southern California, won praise from labor unions for aggressively enforcing wage and hour laws, as well as job safety regulations. However, she received her share of criticism for not taking a more cooperative approach.

“Growing up in a large Mexican-American family in La Puente, California, I never imagined that I would have the opportunity to serve in a president’s Cabinet, let alone in the service of such an incredible leader,” read part of Solis’ statement.

Solis’ departure means one less Latina on the Obama administration’s cabinet, which we admit is a little depressing to think about. We aren’t the only ones who feel this way.

Angelo Falcon, president of the National Institute for Latino Policy (NILP), told HuffPost Latino Voices that Solis’ resignation was abrupt. Solis was confirmed by the U.S. Senate as Secretary of Labor back in 2009.

“I think everybody kind of assumed that she was going to be staying on, at least for a little while longer,” he said. “This doesn’t really – it’s not going in the right direction.”

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