Hispanic Food On The Rise: Tortilla Sales Beat Out Hot Dog Buns

It appears that more and more American shoppers are turning towards Latin foods and ingredients for their everyday cooking needs. 

According to Fox News Latino, tortillas now outsell burger and hot dog buns, and tortilla chips sales are growing faster than that of potato chips.

As immigrant and minority populations begin to dominate American demographics, the nations culture -- and menu -- is in flux. This rewrite appears to go beyond the mainstreaming of once-ethnic ingredients, such as soy sauce or jalapeños.

At a micro level, there’s been an evolution of patterns of eating. “When you think about pizza and spaghetti, it’s the same thing,” says Jim Kabbani, CEO of the Tortilla Industry Association, “People consider them American, not ethnic. It’s the same with tortillas.”

Hispanic food and beverages were an estimated $8 billion market last year, according to consumer research firm Packaged Facts. By 2017, that number could reach $11 billion.

“They are looking for products that are not necessarily big brands anymore,”  Michael Bellas, chairman of the Beverage Marketing Corporation told Fox News Latino, “They like brands that have character. They are looking for authenticity and purity, but they are also looking for new experiences.”

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