9 Latin Sorority Sisters React to Angry Sorority Girl Letter!

Yainis: Not to make any excuses for her actions or words, but I find it sad that this is an increasing norm in how young sorority girls view Greek life should be. Perceptions on who is the prettiest, smartest, coolest, most liked and most desired all play a part in today's social light and even who Greeks pick as future members of their organizations. What she said did not surprise me… but it was how she said it. I think some older members should step in and reteach the pillars they base their standards on. Delta Gamma is well respected at our school, so I am saddened that their organization was represented in this way.

Nelly: Wow! Being that my fiancé is part of Sigma Nu here at USF, this was quite disturbing. I doubt that she was the only one thinking this. It seems as though she was bullied to do it herself – maybe by the members of Sigma Nu? Clearly she doesn't quite understand Greek unity and the meaning behind it.

Lynn: I honestly think she was upset, but that is not to be mistaken for rudeness and language unbecoming of the DG sorority values. I understand there may be protocols for the chapter to follow, heck maybe she's the social chair and expressed her displeasure of her sisters acting "weird" – but this is an unacceptable way to speak to your sisters, EVER! I am pretty sure rudeness is not what their orientation process allows or even tolerates. This should be addressed by the chapter and hopefully they will work it out.