Latina Teen Who Was Fatally Stabbed and Left on the Road Identified Her Killers With Dying Breath


A California teen was found gruesomely beaten and stabbed on the side of a road by a motorist and a friend driving by around 2am Monday.

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Richard Loadholt said he found Lizette Andrea Cuesta bloody and wounded on Tesla Road near Livermore, east of San Francisco. According to KPIX5, the 19-year-old had dragged herself 100 yards to the roadside, leaving a trail of blood behind. “She said she felt she was going to die. I said, ‘No, you aren’t going to. You are going to sit up and you are going to be alright,'” Loadholt said. “She got up, she sat back up and at least held on.”

She was airlifted to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, where she was pronounced dead about two hours later. Before dying her final words to police were the names of the people who attacked her.

"We have a compelling dying declaration," Sgt. Ray Kelly said, a spokesman for Alameda County Sheriff’s Department.

"Prior to her death, she was able to provide us with pertinent information about her attackers," said Kelly. He added, “She fought, and she fought. The last thing we believe she was able to do was to point us in the direction of the people who killed her.”

Daniel Gross, 19, and his girlfriend, Melissa Leonardo, 25, were both arrested over Cuesta's brutal murder. Authorities say the two murder suspects were friends with the victim.

Cuesta's father told CBS, "I know she passed away, but when they did this to her, they figured they got away with it. She didn’t let them get away with it. She brought peace to herself and peace to me and my family. I love her.”

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Go Fund Me page for Cuesta has been made to help her family in this troubling time.